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Monday, April 2, 2012

Confession II

I don't know what I was writing that day!!! I was not really ready to write anything!!! When I'm reading it, I am finding that there are some typing errors. At some points I merged two statements into one, making completely different sense. Anyhow, that does not matter.

Now, now that I know that she likes me (love??!!), and I too love her (yes, LOVE). I love a girl once again. The same feelings that I once had long back, around nine years back. And, still I doubt that whether we should step ahead or not. Once I step ahead, it will be another long-distance relationship, I am really not ready for a long distance. I really hate long distance. Anyhow, we decided that we won't talk to each other, and hence we started the "no-contact" scene. Does that help? It might help her.

I don't know the reason behind this post. Every time, you don't need reasons for your post. It's just that I want to share things with someone. But, I can't share these things with anyone, not with any of my friend, not even with that girl. However, life will go on. This will remain as some sort of incomplete story perhaps! And perhaps, that will be best for her, for me, for everyone around!

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