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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Children and Adults

I bought a Computer Accessory which I wanted to buy since a few years. At last I bought it, and I was a bit excited about it, about going to my room, and opening it, and using it, and bla bla bla. However, as I cut the seal, and started using it, I did not really feel that excitement. In fact, it felt that there's nothing new I got.

Then, I remembered my childhood. Whenever I went with my parents to market, I was super-excited about the things bought for me. I used to sleep with the cricket bat, new shoes, robot, even cricket balls, or pingpong balls.  Getting new dress would obviously mean wearing it once for size-check, and then my mother scolding me to open it so that it doesn't get dirty.

So, as we are growing up, we are not contented with those things which used to give us lots of satisfaction. Instead, we keep on searching for happiness every here and there, and when we fail to get happiness, we succumb to those worldly matter, NOT BECAUSE THEY GIVE US SATISFACTION, BUT BECAUSE, WE GET SATISFIES WHEN OUR NEIGHBOURS GET JEALOUS. And, there lies the whole things. We are not excited about what we have, but we are excited about what the other people will say about it. Not only that, the basic emotions of liking, loving are getting lost in the process. It's just like that we cannot love an object because of it's Intrinsic value or Actual value, but, we love an object because of it's Market value. And, as you grow up, you are expected to look and watch and analyse the market value only, not the intrinsic value.

So, the trade-off: Forget about the actual value, think about the market value. Forget about how much satisfaction it gives you, think about how much dissatisfaction it gives others when they see that you own it. And, no one complains about it, because it is so general in our life now.

I did not plan to write the blog like this, however, I took some different track, and now, I end here. Life is so uncertain, and so is a blog!!!

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