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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keep It Simple??!!

 My post about some new dreams (
was posted some days back, and now time has come so that I can try and call her. In fact for the past few days, last 7 days, I am just thinking of calling her, and talk to her (if possible). But, again, I somehow hold myself, and make up my mind as not to call her. Even as I am writing this post, I am feeling strange, sweat coming over my palms, heart-beat faster, and cold shiver running down my spine!!! Oh God, I just want to call you, and I don't know if I can actually call you. I am not also giving it any try!!!

What am I waiting for? Actually, I am hoping for some miracle to happen, and that she will post a mail to my mailbox, and then... Why am I dreaming these nonsense? Even if she wants to mail me, she won't mail me, perhaps she is also in the same situation as me. God!!! And, I cannot even share this with my friends, because, the moment they know it, they will simply tell me to call me...

After all, the KISS strategy!!! Keep It Simple, Stupid!!! So, should I just keep it as simple as that, and follow what my heart says??? I don't know what I will do, I surely don't know. In a moment, I think that I will call her, and in the next moment, I stop myself.

Love can touch us one time,
And last for a Life-time!!!

Of course, I am not asking for a solution in this virtual world, I just wanted to share...

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Love Story

Does love always imply tears? I don't know, but, I always see that only. For some love story, the boy and girl never meets, and they have a problem in meeting up finally in life. Sometimes, it is about one sided love, either the boy or the girl loves only, with no reaction from the other side, sometimes, it is a family problem, either the boy's or the girl's or both set of parents disagreeing to the marriage. Or it will be something of that like my very dear friend.

It is a true story, however, I would like to change the name of the people, just out of the respect. They connected through some online matrimonial site, and talked and smsed each other for long six months. They exchanged photos, talked with the sets of in-laws, and started loving each other. Even their parents had no problem about them. After more than one year, they met each other for the first time, and they really had nice time.

Sometimes later, the girl's parents visited the boy's parents, and there was everything going on if scripted. Everyone was happy, and finally, their engagement was announced. The boy and the girl were more than happy, and now, they not only knew each other so much, but, their dream of staying together was finally coming to be true.

Just two days before the engagement, the girl met with an accident, and she died after spending 14 long days of fear, hope and tear in the ICU. And, the boy is still living his life with the pain even after three years of the accident.

So, why do you need to shed tears in love? Why? This love story had the perfect script to make it as an epic love story. They discussed many a times that they will submit their success story on the Website, and still, they finally had nothing to share now. I don't know how the boy will live his life, but it feels bad that he is like this only. I don't know what to wish for him. I don't want him to go for other relationship, at the same time, I cannot see his life to go waste. Perhaps, he needs some sort of counseling so that he can direct his pains to something worth to the society. He has a lot of potential left in him, and he is just wasting it.

Anyhow, why I am unable to see a perfect Love story? Does perfection does not exist in life? Sometimes I feel that God does not like perfect love stories, and so he plays with the lives. And in spite of those, when this love story was going on  in a smooth pace in the right direction, He interrupted it with an accident. Why? I don't know.

For those outside in the real world, those who are in some relationship, please make it sure to remember, that life is so unreliable. If you want to say her about how much you love her, just tell her now. You might not get a second chance. I know, this advices are common in stories, and movies. But, still... Actually, every one needs to remember these advices always. Not only lovers, even parents children, Spouse, Colleagues, and everyone...

Signing off with a heavy heart.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This time, I will write a blog about my work. See, I am posted in Chennai for my summer project, but, my work is not based only in Chennai. The work gives me a great scope to travel to different places all over India. In the last One Month, I got to travel in several places, and if I tell you the name, I am sure, people will feel jealous of me.

To start with, I visited Mumbai. After all, it is the business hub of India, and wherever you work, you have your head office in Mumbai only, and so, I visited there. Then, I visited Marmagaon, and Panaji in Goa!!! Goa, my dear friends, Goa. Next Calicut, Bangalore, Vishakhapatnam, and Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, I had the privilege to watch the IPL match where Ganguly played, and I showed his pictures to one of my dear friend, who is a great fan of Ganguly. He keeps on saying me Lucky all through these days, not because of my trips, but, because I got a chance to see him play. Well, I too agree with him.

The list does not end here. I visited Bhubaneshwar, Nagpur, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, and then I took a leaveand I reached Surat, to stay with my Didi for some days. So, nearly a whole India trip, eh?

But, the only problem is that, most of the time passes only in the journey, and I really got no time to visit the places of tourist interest. In some places, I got to spend time upto 6 hours even, in which, I had to meet with Directors of two company as prior appointment, and then again catch the train to the next city. Sometimes it is also tiresome.

Anyhow, the main thing is that the number cities, that got my foot print on their roads. Lucky cities!! Ha ha...

Break Up

Oops!!! Break ups are happening everywhere. No matter in which direction I see, I can see people breaking relationships!!! Why?

Yesterday, I witnessed the Break Up of my elder sister. They were in a MacD, Bhatar Road, Surat and I was there too (Luck by Chance). And, I saw my Didi and her Boyfriend there. It was in the Valentine Multiplex, and I was happy to see a Valentine couple sitting there. I was just chuckling myself about the Valentine in the Valentine Multiplex, and guessing the total number of such cases, suddenly, I heard the loud voice of my Didi.

Fortunately, my Didi did not see me, however, it looked as if there is some issues. Every other table stared at the particular table. (You cannot ask why other people don't mind their own business!!! Come on, people enjoy stuffs, in which they are not involved). And, I was also trying to understand the issue.

The issue was very clear. The boy wanted to take my Didi to some movie yesterday, and that was pre-fixed. However, my Didi's office was suddenly visited by the Head-Office stuffs, about how the work was going on, and so, my Didi was unable to attend. Since my Didi was unable to attend, her Boy Friend, took another girl (another girl friend???) with him to the movie. And, this was reported to my Didi by some of theis common friend. And the boyfriend, at first denied of going to the movie, and then told that he took his sister there (why did you deny first, my dear could-be-in-law?)...

Anyhow, trust, and distrust, blame game kept on going for some time, and then the outburst by my Didi, and then, they left!!! See, there is a good thing in the MacD, that you have to pay before you it. Otherwise, it could be a problem to share the bill after the break-up under AC.

Perhaps, I should not be such comical. Sorry!!!
And, Sorry for my Didi too... She was really very down yesterday, and she told me many things about her life yesterday night, while I told her that I was there. Perhaps, every time, you are down, you need a friend with whom you can share all your griefs. I just tried to be that friend yesterday for my sister. After all, I have this Blogosphere. But, my Didi has only me, and now she does not have her boyfriend even!!!

I don't know what to wish for my Didi, so, just wishing her Best of Luck!!!