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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Love Story

Does love always imply tears? I don't know, but, I always see that only. For some love story, the boy and girl never meets, and they have a problem in meeting up finally in life. Sometimes, it is about one sided love, either the boy or the girl loves only, with no reaction from the other side, sometimes, it is a family problem, either the boy's or the girl's or both set of parents disagreeing to the marriage. Or it will be something of that like my very dear friend.

It is a true story, however, I would like to change the name of the people, just out of the respect. They connected through some online matrimonial site, and talked and smsed each other for long six months. They exchanged photos, talked with the sets of in-laws, and started loving each other. Even their parents had no problem about them. After more than one year, they met each other for the first time, and they really had nice time.

Sometimes later, the girl's parents visited the boy's parents, and there was everything going on if scripted. Everyone was happy, and finally, their engagement was announced. The boy and the girl were more than happy, and now, they not only knew each other so much, but, their dream of staying together was finally coming to be true.

Just two days before the engagement, the girl met with an accident, and she died after spending 14 long days of fear, hope and tear in the ICU. And, the boy is still living his life with the pain even after three years of the accident.

So, why do you need to shed tears in love? Why? This love story had the perfect script to make it as an epic love story. They discussed many a times that they will submit their success story on the Website, and still, they finally had nothing to share now. I don't know how the boy will live his life, but it feels bad that he is like this only. I don't know what to wish for him. I don't want him to go for other relationship, at the same time, I cannot see his life to go waste. Perhaps, he needs some sort of counseling so that he can direct his pains to something worth to the society. He has a lot of potential left in him, and he is just wasting it.

Anyhow, why I am unable to see a perfect Love story? Does perfection does not exist in life? Sometimes I feel that God does not like perfect love stories, and so he plays with the lives. And in spite of those, when this love story was going on  in a smooth pace in the right direction, He interrupted it with an accident. Why? I don't know.

For those outside in the real world, those who are in some relationship, please make it sure to remember, that life is so unreliable. If you want to say her about how much you love her, just tell her now. You might not get a second chance. I know, this advices are common in stories, and movies. But, still... Actually, every one needs to remember these advices always. Not only lovers, even parents children, Spouse, Colleagues, and everyone...

Signing off with a heavy heart.

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