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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Escapist... No way!!!

Why should I think myself as an escapist! I should never think like that. I am not an escapist. Yes, in the first wish, I prefer to escape from any problem, but, in reality I never escape. I always try to take the problem (taking the problem is different from taking it as granted) and then I try to outperform or come out of the problem. I never keep my eye shut from the problem. I don't act as if the problem does not accept. I always remember that the problem exists, and while the problem exists, and I can't do anything about it, I have to get what I desire.

Man, it is absolutely right. I know that I am not trying my level best to get back my girlfriend, because the way suggested is against my principles. And I will never go against my principles. Moreover, I could easily escape the problem with my girlfriend by getting a new girlfriend. I had options. However, I always think that the way to tackle the problem with my girlfriend is not the right way. So, I still remember my girlfriend. I do not escape from her memory. I face it, face it bravely each day and night. Doesn't matter if I cry in the process of facing the bitter truth.

I also have lots of other things. I don't want to be with some people. However, I still go back to them because I know they love me, and if I go back to them, they will like it. I just go back to the same state because I want them to be happy, very happy. It's not because that I fear to fight against them, but, because it is not right to fight with them, with their desires.

After the thought about being an escapist, I really was frustrated. However, after I defended myself against being an escapist, I feel so good. I feel more charged up.
See, I fought with the idea of me being an escapist, and did not escape!!! That's the proof!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Escapism in Life

In my last post, I wrote about being a person with low aspiration level. However, that night I talked with one of my friend. And I understood that not only that I have lower aspiration level, but, at the same time, I am an Escapist too. I escape from every problem I face. Hardly ever, I actually try to solve my problems. Generally, I take the problems as granted, and I adjust my life accordingly.

Take for example, when I am going through a slump in my career, I am just comparing myself with others who are in worst scenario compared to me. And I take the dip in my career as granted, and I keep on enjoying my life. I allow everyone else to play with me, since I feel afraid to stop them. I take it as granted, and I thank fate that at least I am not being treated more badly. Whenever someone does something wrong, I get angry. However, seldom I ask him to stop it. I escape from the situation, and reason myself as being very peace-loving.

So, finally I am an escapist. And being escapist, I have the freedom that I take this fact for granted. So, I'm not going to change myself!!! Life, let it be as it is!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aspiration and Life

In life it is not always the case that things will happen as the way you wish it to happen. Whatever you expected, things may turn completely otherwise. However, most of us feel frustrated, depressed though we know the things, we know that something different happens. 

Aspiration level. My friends tell me that my aspiration level is very low, and as a result I don't feel the frustration, the depression. I don't know it might be like that. Yes, I agree that my aspiration level is low, I get satisfied with what I get, I get contented too soon. However, I think that the price I am paying to get happiness is very less. The things that I am letting go by my low aspiration level are not really worth it.Someone told me that I am good for those who compete with me, but, I'm not good for them who are with me. This is because I let them down by my low aspiration level. Perhaps it is right.  Yes, I let my own people down by my low aspiration level. I fight against my own people when I find that they are doing wrong, however I agree to things when they are done wrong by the opponents. Why? Perhaps I expect that my OWN people would follow the fair ways in life, and I do not expect the same from everyone else.

Someone told me that I cannot keep anyone happy. I think it is because of the low aspiration level that I cannot take my OWN people to the higher level, to the better level where my competitors can lead their OWN people. I also feel it. Every time I want to make someone happy, I always fail very badly in it. The results are never in the same direction. In fact they work in opposites directions.  

So, all the problem boils down to some phenomenon known as ASPIRATION LEVEL!!! Oh my God!!! However, since my aspiration level is quite low, hence I don't mind the situation, and will not change myself. After all, I love myself as I am.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Old Love

Why the hell do I miss her so much!!! At this time, when my exams are nearly over, and I am planning to enjoy my time before I start studying for the last paper, why do I cry?? Why do I still dream that my girlfriend is remembering me!!! Why do I waste my tears on her??? Why do I dedicate songs to her??? WHY???WHY???WHY???

Today morning I was searching her on google, as I do regularly. Suddenly, I found her sister, and I again tried to get as much info about her as possible. I don't know, what I am actually trying to do, what I actually want. But, I know that I will try to send her friend request, connect to her, and try to get as much information as possible from her about her sister.

Love is not in the air, however, I keep on searching it everywhere. Tears are not automatically set, however, I occasionally see my cheeks to be wet!!! I love you still now, and I fear even now. So, HARD LUCK!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Well, what is a blog? It is some sort of personal diary, some sort of space where  you can pen down or key down your own ideas, your feelings. How does it differ from the general paper diary? One basic difference in these two are that personal diary is generally kept personal, to be viewed by close friends only. On the other hand the blog is a open book, left to be checked globally.

The advantage of a blog is that it is anonymous, and you can get others opinion without letting them know who the person(author)is!!! And you can actually discuss what you really feel, actually you can show your frustrations, anger, and drain out them...

For others, it is a global platform to get appreciations globally for your nice creations, artistic abilities, literary pieces, ideas.

Whatever it is, I really love the concept, and I keep on scribbling on my useless blog, just to be read by me!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Girlfriend and Girlfriend's Marriage

One of my close friend called me some days back, and he told me a news. It was that, his Girl friend is being married in a few days. It is an arranged marriage, and the boy is doing some job in Hyderabad, and will be flying to America in a few days. So, the girl's parents had a fat catch. And my friend had a slip!!!

Similar stories are coming to me for the past few days. Girls in India (better say, Rural India) are in the marriageable age by 21 or 22. So, when we the guys are 22 still fighting for some job, and trying to get settled in life, our girlfriends (who generally happen to be our classmates at some point of time) are getting settled permanently with their husbands.

I was thinking about the problem, and that you need to be excessively strong to fight against your parents if you want to get your partner. And this strength has to be shown by the girl more intensely, since they get to the marriageable age earlier. So, the girl gets to the marriageable age, talks to their parents, argues with them, and finally convince them that she has a good catch, and then makes them wait till her partner is settled with a job.

The boy's side story is a bit easier. No one talks about their marriage till he gets a job, and so he has the freedom to stop till that. And once he has the job, he generally enjoys a freedom to choose. However, the whole of the arguments, and the discussion is based on the fact that the boy has to have a good career ahead quickly, and their love is strong enough to wait.

I really feel bad for my friend, however there is not much to be done.
Pyar kiya to nibhana, pyar kiya to nibhana!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sokhi Bhabona kahare bole?

I am sharing a song, a Rabindra Sangeet today. 
The lyrics goes like this: For all Non-Bengali friends, I am translating the lyrics.

Sakhi, bhabona kahare bole? 
Sakhi, jatona kahare bole?  
Tomra je bolo diboso-rajoni,
Bhalobasha, bhalobasha.
sakhi, bhalobasha kare koye?
Seki keboli jatona-moye?
Seki keboli chokher jal?
Seki keboli dukher saas?
Loke tobe kore ki sukheri tore,
Aemon dukhero aas?

explain worry, explain pain my friend...
all day and night you cherish something...
explain the meaning of that love my friend...
is that love just another form of suffering?

isn't love nothing but tears? isn't it misery in disguise?
explain how one finds joy from this reason for pain...

Aamar chokhe to shokoli sobhon,
Shokoli nobeen, shokoli bimol.
Suneel akash, shyamolo kanon
Bishodo jochona, kusumo komol.
Shokol amari moton.

after all for me all is nice... all is new and all is clean...
the sky is blue and the garden is green...
the moon shines bright and the flowers so soft...
all is so much like me...

Tara keboli hanshe, keboli gaye,
Hanshiya, kheliya morite chaye.
Najane bedon, najane radon.
Najane shader jatona joton.

they live to laugh, they love to sing...
they want to laugh and play till the end...
never heard of pain, no knowledge of tears...
no idea of blissful suffering...

Phool se hanshite hanshite jhore,
Jochona hanshiya milaye jaye,
Hanshite hanshite alok sagore,
Akashero taara ke aage paye.
Aamar moton sukhi ke aache?
Aaye sakhi aaye, aamar kaache
Sukhi hridoyer sukher gaan
Suniya toder judaabe pran

the flower drops off with a smile...
the moonlight smiles away into the night...
the stars of night full of joy, fades away into morning sun...
who else can be as happy as me...
i'll share this joy with you my friend,
happy songs from my happy heart...
offering bliss to your suffering soul...

Protidin jodi kandibi keno,
Ek din noye hanshibi tora,
Ek din noye bishado bhuliya,
Shokole miliya gahibo gaan.

if everyday is a day of sorrow...
why not be happy for a single day...
why not forget all sufferings for once...
and sing and dance in joy and fun?

I am sharing links for you to listen the songs. You can listen to the old song from "Sreeman Preethwiraj" which was sung by Lata Mangeshkar. However, it featured in a more recent movie, which many of us like more, so here is the new song from "Ekti Tarar Khonje".

However,  now I can share with you a Hindi version of the song from the movie Life Goes On. The first part is in bengali, and then it is in hindi.

I hope, everyone likes it.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Please all, and you will please none

Today, life has taught me a new lesson. No, the lesson is not old, but, however, even if you know the lesson, you cannot always apply it in your life. So, it's all about application of the lesson in practical life.

Everyone must have read the story about "The Man the Boy and the Donkey" from Aesop fables. The final lesson was very simple as that you cannot please everyone, and it's better that stop trying to please everyone.

I sometimes start living my life as other people expect me to live. In some sense, it is normal, since we are social animal, we are in some society, and bounded by its norms. At times, we find it very pleasant when we are being praised by others, despite of the amount of sacrifice we had to undergo to reach the situation.

However, this cannot be the sole idealism to live your life. You cannot live your whole life constrained by other people's expectation, the reason being that other people's expectation is just based on their views on your life, on you. Most of the times, their view on you is narrowed by their view on their own life, and, sometimes that is inaccurate. There may be complete difference in values, and views.

Whose expectations are you living up to? Who are you trying to please? What would you do if you had a blank slate, a fresh start, and unconditional encouragement from your loved ones?

Why should we live up to others expectation! Why should we sacrifice what we want in order to please others! After all, it is not possible to keep on sacrificing till the end. And the day, you follow what your heart says, they stop praising you. They start complaining against you.

I have seen a personal example. One of my friends doesn’t really care about what other people think of him, what other people expect from him. Others keep on telling that well, we don’t understand him, he is a bit different. And I don’t really like to party always, keep on enjoying in general ways with other friends, but, I do so, because, I want to be with everyone, I want that no one tells that I am a snob. However, it is not always possible for me to follow my friends all the time. And, at that time people start complaining that I’m not liable to be a friend. So, why should I try to please them in the first stage!
I am sorry to overload every one of you with my problem, but, after all, what are blogs for!!! Thanks Blogosphere…

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Children and Adults

I bought a Computer Accessory which I wanted to buy since a few years. At last I bought it, and I was a bit excited about it, about going to my room, and opening it, and using it, and bla bla bla. However, as I cut the seal, and started using it, I did not really feel that excitement. In fact, it felt that there's nothing new I got.

Then, I remembered my childhood. Whenever I went with my parents to market, I was super-excited about the things bought for me. I used to sleep with the cricket bat, new shoes, robot, even cricket balls, or pingpong balls.  Getting new dress would obviously mean wearing it once for size-check, and then my mother scolding me to open it so that it doesn't get dirty.

So, as we are growing up, we are not contented with those things which used to give us lots of satisfaction. Instead, we keep on searching for happiness every here and there, and when we fail to get happiness, we succumb to those worldly matter, NOT BECAUSE THEY GIVE US SATISFACTION, BUT BECAUSE, WE GET SATISFIES WHEN OUR NEIGHBOURS GET JEALOUS. And, there lies the whole things. We are not excited about what we have, but we are excited about what the other people will say about it. Not only that, the basic emotions of liking, loving are getting lost in the process. It's just like that we cannot love an object because of it's Intrinsic value or Actual value, but, we love an object because of it's Market value. And, as you grow up, you are expected to look and watch and analyse the market value only, not the intrinsic value.

So, the trade-off: Forget about the actual value, think about the market value. Forget about how much satisfaction it gives you, think about how much dissatisfaction it gives others when they see that you own it. And, no one complains about it, because it is so general in our life now.

I did not plan to write the blog like this, however, I took some different track, and now, I end here. Life is so uncertain, and so is a blog!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Life, and Living it...

It is not always possible to get whatever you want in life. And, failing to get what you desire hurts. It hurts and the effect depends from person to person, and depending on what you lost. And still, you find some person amazingly cool even when they have lost something. It is not being careless or callous. It is just that they have lost it, but they gave their 100% effort in it. And, that is the reason, they can explain to themselves that whatever has happened has happened for good. However, when you are responsible for what you have lost, then, you cannot remain so cool. You constantly keep on punishing yourself even though you know that it won't help you in anyway. And the more you understand that it won't help, the more you start punishing yourself. 

If you have done your work being true and honest to yourself, then you cannot get depression. Because you know that things could not get any better how much more effort you put in it. And at the end of the day, you have a peaceful mind, and a sound sleep. However, you falter in this, and you start having all sorts of mental pressures, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. And, the rise of the Self-Help books on the shelves of any bookstore is a clear proof of this.

However, is it always possible to put the 100% efforts? Is it always possible to do what you should actually do? How can someone forfeit the very short term PROFITS in exchange for some long run possible results? Or, does it goes back to the Sree Bhagavat Geeta Sloka of 

"karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachanae
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani"...

You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of actions

Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

In simple terms it means: Keep on performing your duties without expecting for any reward in return, leading a selfless life – this it what it is all about.

However, is it so easy to perform the duties? At least I can confess (I am confessing in  Blog world, where no body know about my reality) that whatever  I do, I do with the result oriented target. And, if someone tells me that whatever you do you will not get the result, I would immediately stop doing that. 

The second line of the verse is more strong. We cannot consider ourselves to be the cause of the results. So, does that mean that whenever something bad happens, we should think that we are not at all responsible, it is God's wishes? No, it means that after we do our duty, still we should surrender ourselves completely to the God, and believe that whatever happened, it is just because of His good wishes. Even if something Good happens, we should surrender ourselves to our God, and say that it just happened because He wished it to happen. But, in real life, we run to take credit of the smaller to smallest things that we have done. 

So, in real life, Shree Bhagavat Gita still remains to be the most important book, and it contains all the informations, and advices than all the Self-Help Books together contains. But, only reading it is not enough. You need to understand, and interpret CORRECTLY each verses. However, only understanding is not enough. You need to follow them in your daily life.

This post was not for anyone else, but for me and me only.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keep It Simple??!!

 My post about some new dreams (
was posted some days back, and now time has come so that I can try and call her. In fact for the past few days, last 7 days, I am just thinking of calling her, and talk to her (if possible). But, again, I somehow hold myself, and make up my mind as not to call her. Even as I am writing this post, I am feeling strange, sweat coming over my palms, heart-beat faster, and cold shiver running down my spine!!! Oh God, I just want to call you, and I don't know if I can actually call you. I am not also giving it any try!!!

What am I waiting for? Actually, I am hoping for some miracle to happen, and that she will post a mail to my mailbox, and then... Why am I dreaming these nonsense? Even if she wants to mail me, she won't mail me, perhaps she is also in the same situation as me. God!!! And, I cannot even share this with my friends, because, the moment they know it, they will simply tell me to call me...

After all, the KISS strategy!!! Keep It Simple, Stupid!!! So, should I just keep it as simple as that, and follow what my heart says??? I don't know what I will do, I surely don't know. In a moment, I think that I will call her, and in the next moment, I stop myself.

Love can touch us one time,
And last for a Life-time!!!

Of course, I am not asking for a solution in this virtual world, I just wanted to share...

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Love Story

Does love always imply tears? I don't know, but, I always see that only. For some love story, the boy and girl never meets, and they have a problem in meeting up finally in life. Sometimes, it is about one sided love, either the boy or the girl loves only, with no reaction from the other side, sometimes, it is a family problem, either the boy's or the girl's or both set of parents disagreeing to the marriage. Or it will be something of that like my very dear friend.

It is a true story, however, I would like to change the name of the people, just out of the respect. They connected through some online matrimonial site, and talked and smsed each other for long six months. They exchanged photos, talked with the sets of in-laws, and started loving each other. Even their parents had no problem about them. After more than one year, they met each other for the first time, and they really had nice time.

Sometimes later, the girl's parents visited the boy's parents, and there was everything going on if scripted. Everyone was happy, and finally, their engagement was announced. The boy and the girl were more than happy, and now, they not only knew each other so much, but, their dream of staying together was finally coming to be true.

Just two days before the engagement, the girl met with an accident, and she died after spending 14 long days of fear, hope and tear in the ICU. And, the boy is still living his life with the pain even after three years of the accident.

So, why do you need to shed tears in love? Why? This love story had the perfect script to make it as an epic love story. They discussed many a times that they will submit their success story on the Website, and still, they finally had nothing to share now. I don't know how the boy will live his life, but it feels bad that he is like this only. I don't know what to wish for him. I don't want him to go for other relationship, at the same time, I cannot see his life to go waste. Perhaps, he needs some sort of counseling so that he can direct his pains to something worth to the society. He has a lot of potential left in him, and he is just wasting it.

Anyhow, why I am unable to see a perfect Love story? Does perfection does not exist in life? Sometimes I feel that God does not like perfect love stories, and so he plays with the lives. And in spite of those, when this love story was going on  in a smooth pace in the right direction, He interrupted it with an accident. Why? I don't know.

For those outside in the real world, those who are in some relationship, please make it sure to remember, that life is so unreliable. If you want to say her about how much you love her, just tell her now. You might not get a second chance. I know, this advices are common in stories, and movies. But, still... Actually, every one needs to remember these advices always. Not only lovers, even parents children, Spouse, Colleagues, and everyone...

Signing off with a heavy heart.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This time, I will write a blog about my work. See, I am posted in Chennai for my summer project, but, my work is not based only in Chennai. The work gives me a great scope to travel to different places all over India. In the last One Month, I got to travel in several places, and if I tell you the name, I am sure, people will feel jealous of me.

To start with, I visited Mumbai. After all, it is the business hub of India, and wherever you work, you have your head office in Mumbai only, and so, I visited there. Then, I visited Marmagaon, and Panaji in Goa!!! Goa, my dear friends, Goa. Next Calicut, Bangalore, Vishakhapatnam, and Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, I had the privilege to watch the IPL match where Ganguly played, and I showed his pictures to one of my dear friend, who is a great fan of Ganguly. He keeps on saying me Lucky all through these days, not because of my trips, but, because I got a chance to see him play. Well, I too agree with him.

The list does not end here. I visited Bhubaneshwar, Nagpur, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, and then I took a leaveand I reached Surat, to stay with my Didi for some days. So, nearly a whole India trip, eh?

But, the only problem is that, most of the time passes only in the journey, and I really got no time to visit the places of tourist interest. In some places, I got to spend time upto 6 hours even, in which, I had to meet with Directors of two company as prior appointment, and then again catch the train to the next city. Sometimes it is also tiresome.

Anyhow, the main thing is that the number cities, that got my foot print on their roads. Lucky cities!! Ha ha...

Break Up

Oops!!! Break ups are happening everywhere. No matter in which direction I see, I can see people breaking relationships!!! Why?

Yesterday, I witnessed the Break Up of my elder sister. They were in a MacD, Bhatar Road, Surat and I was there too (Luck by Chance). And, I saw my Didi and her Boyfriend there. It was in the Valentine Multiplex, and I was happy to see a Valentine couple sitting there. I was just chuckling myself about the Valentine in the Valentine Multiplex, and guessing the total number of such cases, suddenly, I heard the loud voice of my Didi.

Fortunately, my Didi did not see me, however, it looked as if there is some issues. Every other table stared at the particular table. (You cannot ask why other people don't mind their own business!!! Come on, people enjoy stuffs, in which they are not involved). And, I was also trying to understand the issue.

The issue was very clear. The boy wanted to take my Didi to some movie yesterday, and that was pre-fixed. However, my Didi's office was suddenly visited by the Head-Office stuffs, about how the work was going on, and so, my Didi was unable to attend. Since my Didi was unable to attend, her Boy Friend, took another girl (another girl friend???) with him to the movie. And, this was reported to my Didi by some of theis common friend. And the boyfriend, at first denied of going to the movie, and then told that he took his sister there (why did you deny first, my dear could-be-in-law?)...

Anyhow, trust, and distrust, blame game kept on going for some time, and then the outburst by my Didi, and then, they left!!! See, there is a good thing in the MacD, that you have to pay before you it. Otherwise, it could be a problem to share the bill after the break-up under AC.

Perhaps, I should not be such comical. Sorry!!!
And, Sorry for my Didi too... She was really very down yesterday, and she told me many things about her life yesterday night, while I told her that I was there. Perhaps, every time, you are down, you need a friend with whom you can share all your griefs. I just tried to be that friend yesterday for my sister. After all, I have this Blogosphere. But, my Didi has only me, and now she does not have her boyfriend even!!!

I don't know what to wish for my Didi, so, just wishing her Best of Luck!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lie detector

I was discussing with one of my dear friend... Would it be better if you have a sixth sense, so that you understand the person standing next to you is lying or not??
According to my Gujrati friend, he told that it would be better to do business, you will be safer while you are in middle of some business transactions, or similar things... (Gujrati Baniya :P)
However, I was in a mood to think about its significance in a normal life. What I felt is that it's better not to have such powers. But then comes the big question, WHY??? I try to answer that below.

Let me be honest this time, I lie a lot of time, whether the lie is required or not. Sometimes, I feel that if I lie, then it will give the other person a better impression about me, or the other person will not have have any problem with my style of living. Anyhow, I know, in the similar way, we also have to face lies from our nearer and dearer ones. Sometimes, they want us to be happy, or sometimes, they want to hide from us some information, and sometimes it may be a lie just for the sake of lie. But, we just buy it, and live with it. But, when I am the "proud" owner of the special power, I will be able to catch the lie red-handedly, and I can ask back questions regarding it. It might put some (or many) scratches on the relationship, which would be going fine otherwise.

Sometimes, your fiancee may lie to you so that you don't get hurt about some things. I am being practical, and not enclosing myself in the "fairy-tale-love-story". Then, if she has done it without any bad intention, then it is fine. But, in case you have that power, you are able to identify that, and, then you will start thinking so many things, "why did she lie to me", "how could she lie to me", and lots of other questions. You will start thinking about her loyalty towards you, and then you never know, that may be the start of the end of your relationship!!!

Well, this is just one sided thought, anyhow, I would like to get some comments about the other side of the story.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A new Dream...once again!!!

I am without any contact from my girlfriend for the past 1 and half year. All her contact numbers were switched off, even her house landline number, i found to be switched off!!! No reply to my emails, and I was pretty upset about it. Sometimes, I just dial her number, only to hear "The number you have called is switched off"...

Last Saturday, while I was just roaming on the streets, I just made similar attempt, and suddenly I heard something different. I was the sound of the Ringing.... I cut the call and checked the number, and I found YES, it is one of her very old number...

I did not know what to do. The first thing I did was to call one of my friend, who is in the same course with her, but in different city about her examinations. I don't want to disturb her, and distract her from studies. However, my friend told me that there exams will be over by June 10, 2011, and so, I can make a guess that her Exam will obviously be end by June 20, 2011, and then I will call her...

Dreams, again I seek you. I don't know what will happen after June 20, 2011, however, I still wait for that day, and I really hope that I will be able to contact her, and talk to her.

Anyhow, I will update to what happens, if anything happens or not!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One-rupee Phone call

That day, I called you. I heard your voice after so many days. But, I did not call you from my phone. You know, I could not gather enough courage to call you from my phone. I called you from a coin-booth. I slipped a one-rupee coin, and dialed your number. And I waited for the time when it rang on the other side. Ohh my God... There was a ring tone. "Haule haule ho jayega pyar"... and the speed of my heart beat rising... faster faster...
Suddenly, you picked the phone, and spoke into it...

Hello... hello... hello...
It was the same soft voice.. same way that you used to answer phone very softly...sweetly... I could not speak, and I had nothing to say... Your voice, it was as sweet as it used to be, the moon light was as romantic as it used to be.... just our relationship was not like the one it used to be some years earlier!!!

For a few days, before I made the phone call, I hoped that I would call her and while I would keep silent, she would identify my breathings, and she would identify me. Actually, it is the Bollywood effect. No such things happen in reality. While I did not even make a single sound, and she is subject to lots of such prank calls from her admirers, how the hell would she identify me!!

I was so happy for the next whole month, the next month, and the next...

I still remember the evening as of yesterday, though it is more than 2 years back. It was a November 2008 evening...

Zero Currency??

Weapon to fight corruption??? Here is a new one. It demands that it is a way to protest against the corruption in a non violent way!!!

What is this zero currency??
The zero currency note in your country's currency is a tool to help you achieve the goal of zero corruption. The note is a way for any human being to say NO to corruption without the fear of facing an encounter with persons in authority.
Next time someone asks you for a bribe, just take your country's zero currency note and hand it to them. This will let the other person know that you refuse to give or take any money in order to perform services required by law or to give or take money to do something illegal. 

Number of factors contribute to the success of the Zero Rupee Notes in fighting corruption in India. First, bribery is a crime in India punishable with suspension and jail time. Corrupt officials seldom encounter resistance by ordinary people that they become scared when people have the courage to show their Zero Rupee Notes, effectively making a strong statement condemning bribery. In addition, officials want to keep their jobs and are fearful about setting off disciplinary proceedings, not to mention risking going to jail. I believe that the success of the notes lies in the willingness of the people to use them. People are willing to stand up against the practice that has become so commonplace because they are no longer afraid: first, they have nothing to lose, and secondly, they know that this initiative is being backed up by an organization--that is, they are not alone in this fight.
Finally, I am not sure, whether this will work, or not. whether by giving zero rupee note, we can open the Red-ribbons in the Government offices. Nor, I know where to find the Zero-rupee notes.

Anyhow, I just hope for the best.

For other details about this phenomenon, you can check the following website:


Monday, May 9, 2011


Living in a new city without any friends!!! Anyhow, it's a thrilling adventure.

Presently I am staying in Chennai for my Summer Training Programme and just for two months. I am currently staying in some lodge-type of thing, on monthly basis. The room consists of attched bathroom, but most importantly, it has a Television.

Nowadays, we are too much dependent on Goods. I cannot imagine my stay here without the Laptop, Mobile phone, Internet or TV. It's not like this because I lack a friend here. Even in my hostel, where I am with my friends, I cannot do things without my laptop.

Anyhow, I am changing the track of my blog. The weather here is a bit more humid than Delhi, but more or less the same as Kolkata. So, as in Kolkata, here I am having a lot of sweat. Even while, I am standing for the train for just 5 minutes, I am getting a bath. But, the heat is still bearable, and I am just worried about the time when it will turn unbearable. I can just hope that such a thing will never happen, after all human beings are known for their adaptive powers.

Marina Beach... Oh the heaven in Chennai. You can just go there and sit and enjoy the views, and love it. It will also offer you with some of the edible items, ranging from fried chops, some fruits, to great variety of fried Fishes.

This is just after my first week passed in Chennai. There are 8 more weeks for me to stay here. I wish myself a good, nice, healthy and enjoyable stay in Chennai.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deciding for yourself, others?

Living your own life, and giving advices to others are two entirely different thing. I understood today while I was watching a movie, named "Notting Hill". The thing is that, while, William gets the contact number of Anna Scott through someone else, then i wish that William should not call Anna on his own. I wish, that William maintains his own integrity. But, when it comes about myself, I cannot resist myself. I keep on calling my girl friend, compelling her to keep her mobile switched off, and change her number so that I cannot track her.

So, next time I will try to keep it in mind that deciding something for others is different thing, and deciding something for yourself, is something different.

I still miss you my dear Honey

Monday, January 24, 2011

Honesty; Am I living in a fool's paradise???

Today I understood that the film Rang de Basanti was a total flop. People had learnt no lesson from it. About the film, all the things they liked were the songs in the first half, but they never learnt about your principle and honesty. When I was playing cricket, I learnt this. People cheat, and keep on cheating. They keep on increasing runs, call for no balls when they are out, and keep on all sorts of cheating strategies. When I asked them to maintain honesty in the game, they simply reasoned that while the great people are all doing scams of crores of rupees, then it’s the right of the normal people to cheat.

So, there is a simple chain going on. Someone cheat, and so, you cheat, and as a result, the person who watches your action cheats and when someone tries to stop them, he is pressurised. I don’t know whether I am fit for the society, I am like this. I cannot do anything. The main thing about the Rang de basanti was that before you want to change the whole country, you have to change yourself. Now, the situation is like that no one wants to change himself.

I am not able to find any possible solution for this situation. In the corporate world, you have to learn how to cheat. When you know that the brand you are working for is cheating, and you try to stop them, you are suspended. When you are in the public service, and you see that all your department mates are taking bribes, you have the only option to keep quiet. Otherwise, you may have to face a huge problem. Even in academics, there is politics. I have seen teachers of great repute to indulge in such activities. For example, take the subject economics. Teachers who are good in Microeconomics are often compelled to teach Indian History, or Indian planning process, because, once a good teacher gets the subject of choice, he will start teaching well, and he would be more popular among students; he would get more respect. So, the strategy of the Head of the Departments (not all college, but maximum of them has the same trend) remains to give the boring subjects in the hand of new, or good teacher.

I agree that I am fit for this world, but how can I change myself. I cannot cheat myself. At least as of now, I don’t cheat myself. I really want this world to be a nice place to live in. But, I am afraid that my dream of an honest world will remain as a dream. My cricket-mates, who are still not in the job market, they cheat in the system where they can cheat. What will happen when they enter the job market, and they keep their bad habit running there too? What will happen after 15 years? Will the world still remain a nice place to live?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog: Dreams and Reality

I loved to read blogs. It has been my habit to read blogs ever since I was in class 11. I found it a good discussion ground, and i used to comment on many blogs which i read. They also used to reply, and i found it very interesting. As a result, i started using my own blogs.

But, the reality is what i found to be is that Reputation has a lot to do with the well managed blogs. If you want others to visit your blogs too often, then  at first you have to build your reputation...and that reputation can only be built once you keep on publishing good materials.

So, to make my blog a famous one is one o my dream, and to make my dream invincible;
Lesson 1: Start a habit of regular blogging;
Lesson 2: The content of your blog should be good and interesting, and thought provocative;

With Regards.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How much do you love???

I have a girl-friend. Its better to say that I had, but i am not sure... We had a break-up about 3 years back, and I still love her... But, sometimes, or many times I feel that I don't love her. At the same time, i am not ready for some new relationship.. Actually, not exactly that i am not ready, but, i have made up my mind that I will not be in any relationship in future... But, why??? This is because, perhaps, I want to respect my Love... I love the fact that I LOVE, more than the girl... I don't know whether this is true or false!!! It may be true, may be false... I am not sure...

Nowadays, after so many years, i am completely habituated with her absence in my life. She is not with me, and its the hard reality that i know... She have not mailed me for quite a few years... One day, in college, i was thinking that perhaps, when i get back to home, and check the mails, there will be one mail of hers... Then i suddenly felt very afraid... What if her mail truly comes!!!

It was a shocking moment for me, that i am afraid of her mails. At that point of time, i really felt as if i don't love her... But, again, when i see any romantic film, hear songs, i only feel for her... When ever i see any movies of the time, when she was with me, i cry...

I found it very difficult to understand myself... so thought it better to share something about it, with the fellow bloggers...

But, certainly, i still miss my girl-friend...

My first Blog

Actually, this is not my first blog. I used to blog using my original Name... But i found it rather embarrassing... I had certain thoughts, which i would like to share with all my friends. But, the problem is that, when they learn my actual identity they sometimes attack me personally... What'smore, there are some thoughts, which i cannot share with my friends, or my families, and relatives...

So i start here...
Love you all