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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Girlfriend and Girlfriend's Marriage

One of my close friend called me some days back, and he told me a news. It was that, his Girl friend is being married in a few days. It is an arranged marriage, and the boy is doing some job in Hyderabad, and will be flying to America in a few days. So, the girl's parents had a fat catch. And my friend had a slip!!!

Similar stories are coming to me for the past few days. Girls in India (better say, Rural India) are in the marriageable age by 21 or 22. So, when we the guys are 22 still fighting for some job, and trying to get settled in life, our girlfriends (who generally happen to be our classmates at some point of time) are getting settled permanently with their husbands.

I was thinking about the problem, and that you need to be excessively strong to fight against your parents if you want to get your partner. And this strength has to be shown by the girl more intensely, since they get to the marriageable age earlier. So, the girl gets to the marriageable age, talks to their parents, argues with them, and finally convince them that she has a good catch, and then makes them wait till her partner is settled with a job.

The boy's side story is a bit easier. No one talks about their marriage till he gets a job, and so he has the freedom to stop till that. And once he has the job, he generally enjoys a freedom to choose. However, the whole of the arguments, and the discussion is based on the fact that the boy has to have a good career ahead quickly, and their love is strong enough to wait.

I really feel bad for my friend, however there is not much to be done.
Pyar kiya to nibhana, pyar kiya to nibhana!!!

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