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Monday, November 21, 2011

Aspiration and Life

In life it is not always the case that things will happen as the way you wish it to happen. Whatever you expected, things may turn completely otherwise. However, most of us feel frustrated, depressed though we know the things, we know that something different happens. 

Aspiration level. My friends tell me that my aspiration level is very low, and as a result I don't feel the frustration, the depression. I don't know it might be like that. Yes, I agree that my aspiration level is low, I get satisfied with what I get, I get contented too soon. However, I think that the price I am paying to get happiness is very less. The things that I am letting go by my low aspiration level are not really worth it.Someone told me that I am good for those who compete with me, but, I'm not good for them who are with me. This is because I let them down by my low aspiration level. Perhaps it is right.  Yes, I let my own people down by my low aspiration level. I fight against my own people when I find that they are doing wrong, however I agree to things when they are done wrong by the opponents. Why? Perhaps I expect that my OWN people would follow the fair ways in life, and I do not expect the same from everyone else.

Someone told me that I cannot keep anyone happy. I think it is because of the low aspiration level that I cannot take my OWN people to the higher level, to the better level where my competitors can lead their OWN people. I also feel it. Every time I want to make someone happy, I always fail very badly in it. The results are never in the same direction. In fact they work in opposites directions.  

So, all the problem boils down to some phenomenon known as ASPIRATION LEVEL!!! Oh my God!!! However, since my aspiration level is quite low, hence I don't mind the situation, and will not change myself. After all, I love myself as I am.

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