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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Escapist... No way!!!

Why should I think myself as an escapist! I should never think like that. I am not an escapist. Yes, in the first wish, I prefer to escape from any problem, but, in reality I never escape. I always try to take the problem (taking the problem is different from taking it as granted) and then I try to outperform or come out of the problem. I never keep my eye shut from the problem. I don't act as if the problem does not accept. I always remember that the problem exists, and while the problem exists, and I can't do anything about it, I have to get what I desire.

Man, it is absolutely right. I know that I am not trying my level best to get back my girlfriend, because the way suggested is against my principles. And I will never go against my principles. Moreover, I could easily escape the problem with my girlfriend by getting a new girlfriend. I had options. However, I always think that the way to tackle the problem with my girlfriend is not the right way. So, I still remember my girlfriend. I do not escape from her memory. I face it, face it bravely each day and night. Doesn't matter if I cry in the process of facing the bitter truth.

I also have lots of other things. I don't want to be with some people. However, I still go back to them because I know they love me, and if I go back to them, they will like it. I just go back to the same state because I want them to be happy, very happy. It's not because that I fear to fight against them, but, because it is not right to fight with them, with their desires.

After the thought about being an escapist, I really was frustrated. However, after I defended myself against being an escapist, I feel so good. I feel more charged up.
See, I fought with the idea of me being an escapist, and did not escape!!! That's the proof!!!

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