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Friday, August 24, 2012

Blog Life: A New Start

After a long gap I read blogs written by some other people. Generally I read unknown people's blog. After all in blogosphere, who cares to know the identity of a person, when we all are global citizen at least here. But, yesterday evening as suggested by Binti, I read the blog posts of someone I know. No, I don't know him personally. But Binti knows him, and is a huge fan of him.

I think I should thank Binti for her suggestion. I read a lot of blogs, and once again, I experienced the nice feeling which I loved when I read blogs, commented on their posts, overall when I try to build some relationship with someone, I don't know, and I prefer not to know personally. Blogs generally contains stories from life, sometimes they have personal stuffs, because, you can share those things here without any regrets later, because people don't judge you based on those. I love to read the stories, the feelings, the memories. I like to share my thoughts with them on some particular topic, like to disagree, and debate on something. It gives me a  lot of personal space, where none of my acquaintances tell me what I should do, and what I should not.

Moreover, once again, I got the enthusiasm to write blogs. And as always, this time too, I made up my mind to write frequently. I hope that I will keep on writing new things, on new topics, and on new experiences. I hope to get some readers, who will share their thoughts with me, does not really matter if they agree or not to my insights, just love discussing things.

Anyway, I should thank Binti once again, for she showed interest in my blog life, and that she gave a new start to it.

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