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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Rainy Season: I

As a child, I used to hate the rains. It gave me such a tough time. As I get ready for my school, suddenly, there is the heavy rain, and my parents telling me: No School for today!!! Oh Shit… How can I meet with my friends, shout with them, play games…

Ah! Playing Games; This is the basic reason I hated rain. This rain had another peculiar habit of coming at afternoon, just at the time, I got ready to go out to play with my local friends. And All Rain and No Play used to make me a dull boy. I used to stand by my window, and watch the rain, cursing it, and waiting for it to stop. If it took a long time to stop, then again the next bomb: What will you play in the mud!!! How I wished I had some sort of arrow like that of Arjun (Mahabharata Character), so that I can shoot it, and can block the sky, stopping it from raining. Particularly the rain songs, I just hated them, and the authors. I still remember one popular Bengali song which every child is taught.

E kon aparup srishti,
Eto mishti mishti mishti,
Amar hariye geche drishti”

What a fine creation,
It’s so sweet-sweet-sweet,
I lost all my senses (sight)”

I liked an English rhyme much more than that, because it depicted my scenario, I could identify myself with the character.

Rain Rain, go away,
Come again another day,
Little Tommy wants to play.

Later, when I was in class 10th, one of my cousins taught me extra two lines of this rhyme.

Rain Rain, go to Spain
Do not show your face again.

Somehow, it is a stronger statement. At first, request the enemy. When he agrees to your request, give him a shocker suddenly. Here, request the rain to go away, and to come on another day, and when the rain agrees, then give the shocker – Do not Show your face again.

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