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Friday, August 31, 2012

Relationship Transition: Past to Present and Future

Some pieces of advice to people who are in the process of transition from one relationship to other. I know that these advices are easy to preach, and hard to follow, but by now I know, that I am not wrong at all while I put these in blog.
  • A past relationship is like a scar left after an accident. The more you want to scratch those, the more scar marks are left permanent. It's always better to leave those scars as they are, they will heal with due course of time, with no marks left.
  • Don't carry your baggages from your past relationships. Sometimes the baggages are too heavy to accommodate in the present relationship. You not only make it difficult for your partner to live in peace, but, also make your own life complicated unnecessarily.
  • Don't hold things that keep on reminding you and your partner of your past. It might feel good to you thinking that you are being nice with your old partner, or you are caring your old partner, but, certainly it puts a lot of pressure on your present partner.
  • Believe this: Your old partner is not concerned with how much you "care" for the person. To him, either you are there, or you are not. If you are not with your old partner, then their pain doesn't reduce by any bit if you "care". Moreover, by "care", don't make their moving-on in life more difficult.

These pieces of advice hold for them only, who do not think about going back to their past relationships.

If you have any plan of moving back to your old relationship, please don't move forward just for the sake of moving forward. It hurts a lot to your new partner.

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