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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lie detector

I was discussing with one of my dear friend... Would it be better if you have a sixth sense, so that you understand the person standing next to you is lying or not??
According to my Gujrati friend, he told that it would be better to do business, you will be safer while you are in middle of some business transactions, or similar things... (Gujrati Baniya :P)
However, I was in a mood to think about its significance in a normal life. What I felt is that it's better not to have such powers. But then comes the big question, WHY??? I try to answer that below.

Let me be honest this time, I lie a lot of time, whether the lie is required or not. Sometimes, I feel that if I lie, then it will give the other person a better impression about me, or the other person will not have have any problem with my style of living. Anyhow, I know, in the similar way, we also have to face lies from our nearer and dearer ones. Sometimes, they want us to be happy, or sometimes, they want to hide from us some information, and sometimes it may be a lie just for the sake of lie. But, we just buy it, and live with it. But, when I am the "proud" owner of the special power, I will be able to catch the lie red-handedly, and I can ask back questions regarding it. It might put some (or many) scratches on the relationship, which would be going fine otherwise.

Sometimes, your fiancee may lie to you so that you don't get hurt about some things. I am being practical, and not enclosing myself in the "fairy-tale-love-story". Then, if she has done it without any bad intention, then it is fine. But, in case you have that power, you are able to identify that, and, then you will start thinking so many things, "why did she lie to me", "how could she lie to me", and lots of other questions. You will start thinking about her loyalty towards you, and then you never know, that may be the start of the end of your relationship!!!

Well, this is just one sided thought, anyhow, I would like to get some comments about the other side of the story.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A new Dream...once again!!!

I am without any contact from my girlfriend for the past 1 and half year. All her contact numbers were switched off, even her house landline number, i found to be switched off!!! No reply to my emails, and I was pretty upset about it. Sometimes, I just dial her number, only to hear "The number you have called is switched off"...

Last Saturday, while I was just roaming on the streets, I just made similar attempt, and suddenly I heard something different. I was the sound of the Ringing.... I cut the call and checked the number, and I found YES, it is one of her very old number...

I did not know what to do. The first thing I did was to call one of my friend, who is in the same course with her, but in different city about her examinations. I don't want to disturb her, and distract her from studies. However, my friend told me that there exams will be over by June 10, 2011, and so, I can make a guess that her Exam will obviously be end by June 20, 2011, and then I will call her...

Dreams, again I seek you. I don't know what will happen after June 20, 2011, however, I still wait for that day, and I really hope that I will be able to contact her, and talk to her.

Anyhow, I will update to what happens, if anything happens or not!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One-rupee Phone call

That day, I called you. I heard your voice after so many days. But, I did not call you from my phone. You know, I could not gather enough courage to call you from my phone. I called you from a coin-booth. I slipped a one-rupee coin, and dialed your number. And I waited for the time when it rang on the other side. Ohh my God... There was a ring tone. "Haule haule ho jayega pyar"... and the speed of my heart beat rising... faster faster...
Suddenly, you picked the phone, and spoke into it...

Hello... hello... hello...
It was the same soft voice.. same way that you used to answer phone very softly...sweetly... I could not speak, and I had nothing to say... Your voice, it was as sweet as it used to be, the moon light was as romantic as it used to be.... just our relationship was not like the one it used to be some years earlier!!!

For a few days, before I made the phone call, I hoped that I would call her and while I would keep silent, she would identify my breathings, and she would identify me. Actually, it is the Bollywood effect. No such things happen in reality. While I did not even make a single sound, and she is subject to lots of such prank calls from her admirers, how the hell would she identify me!!

I was so happy for the next whole month, the next month, and the next...

I still remember the evening as of yesterday, though it is more than 2 years back. It was a November 2008 evening...

Zero Currency??

Weapon to fight corruption??? Here is a new one. It demands that it is a way to protest against the corruption in a non violent way!!!

What is this zero currency??
The zero currency note in your country's currency is a tool to help you achieve the goal of zero corruption. The note is a way for any human being to say NO to corruption without the fear of facing an encounter with persons in authority.
Next time someone asks you for a bribe, just take your country's zero currency note and hand it to them. This will let the other person know that you refuse to give or take any money in order to perform services required by law or to give or take money to do something illegal. 

Number of factors contribute to the success of the Zero Rupee Notes in fighting corruption in India. First, bribery is a crime in India punishable with suspension and jail time. Corrupt officials seldom encounter resistance by ordinary people that they become scared when people have the courage to show their Zero Rupee Notes, effectively making a strong statement condemning bribery. In addition, officials want to keep their jobs and are fearful about setting off disciplinary proceedings, not to mention risking going to jail. I believe that the success of the notes lies in the willingness of the people to use them. People are willing to stand up against the practice that has become so commonplace because they are no longer afraid: first, they have nothing to lose, and secondly, they know that this initiative is being backed up by an organization--that is, they are not alone in this fight.
Finally, I am not sure, whether this will work, or not. whether by giving zero rupee note, we can open the Red-ribbons in the Government offices. Nor, I know where to find the Zero-rupee notes.

Anyhow, I just hope for the best.

For other details about this phenomenon, you can check the following website:


Monday, May 9, 2011


Living in a new city without any friends!!! Anyhow, it's a thrilling adventure.

Presently I am staying in Chennai for my Summer Training Programme and just for two months. I am currently staying in some lodge-type of thing, on monthly basis. The room consists of attched bathroom, but most importantly, it has a Television.

Nowadays, we are too much dependent on Goods. I cannot imagine my stay here without the Laptop, Mobile phone, Internet or TV. It's not like this because I lack a friend here. Even in my hostel, where I am with my friends, I cannot do things without my laptop.

Anyhow, I am changing the track of my blog. The weather here is a bit more humid than Delhi, but more or less the same as Kolkata. So, as in Kolkata, here I am having a lot of sweat. Even while, I am standing for the train for just 5 minutes, I am getting a bath. But, the heat is still bearable, and I am just worried about the time when it will turn unbearable. I can just hope that such a thing will never happen, after all human beings are known for their adaptive powers.

Marina Beach... Oh the heaven in Chennai. You can just go there and sit and enjoy the views, and love it. It will also offer you with some of the edible items, ranging from fried chops, some fruits, to great variety of fried Fishes.

This is just after my first week passed in Chennai. There are 8 more weeks for me to stay here. I wish myself a good, nice, healthy and enjoyable stay in Chennai.