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Monday, May 9, 2011


Living in a new city without any friends!!! Anyhow, it's a thrilling adventure.

Presently I am staying in Chennai for my Summer Training Programme and just for two months. I am currently staying in some lodge-type of thing, on monthly basis. The room consists of attched bathroom, but most importantly, it has a Television.

Nowadays, we are too much dependent on Goods. I cannot imagine my stay here without the Laptop, Mobile phone, Internet or TV. It's not like this because I lack a friend here. Even in my hostel, where I am with my friends, I cannot do things without my laptop.

Anyhow, I am changing the track of my blog. The weather here is a bit more humid than Delhi, but more or less the same as Kolkata. So, as in Kolkata, here I am having a lot of sweat. Even while, I am standing for the train for just 5 minutes, I am getting a bath. But, the heat is still bearable, and I am just worried about the time when it will turn unbearable. I can just hope that such a thing will never happen, after all human beings are known for their adaptive powers.

Marina Beach... Oh the heaven in Chennai. You can just go there and sit and enjoy the views, and love it. It will also offer you with some of the edible items, ranging from fried chops, some fruits, to great variety of fried Fishes.

This is just after my first week passed in Chennai. There are 8 more weeks for me to stay here. I wish myself a good, nice, healthy and enjoyable stay in Chennai.


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