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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anonymous Blog!!!

Sometimes, I regret telling about my blog to some close people. You know, I have made this blog with the sole aim to write some of my personal feelings, and I really did not want to be public with my blog. That was the reason, I never wrote my name on my blog, or I never let any of my friends know about my blog.

But, sometimes, the mistake happens within seconds, and you know that you cannot take back the words. And awww, your anonymity is gone. The only thing you are left to do is to regret.

Why did I choose anonymity in the first place? The main reason is that I wanted to shout things out of my heart. I wanted to tell those things which I cannot tell to anyone. I wanted to confess things that I could not tell my close friends even.

So, why did I fail to keep the anonymity? Some of my posts, I really wanted to share with my close friend. But, as soon as I shared, I knew that I have done a mistake. I knew that I will regret it in future. But, what's done could not be undone.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kabir Suman

For all the bengali song lovers in the blogosphere, I just wanted to share that I came across the website of Kabir Suman : There are a number of new compositions, and some of them are brilliiant as usual.

I am sure, you won't like to waste your time here. Instead, click on the above link, and enjoy a whole new world.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Rainy Season: II

Continued from my last post...

However, as I continue to grow up, and start studying in college, my feelings towards rain started changing. I eventually started loving the showers. Perhaps, the lack of Do's and Donot's during the shower made me like it. There was no one to stop me from doing anything, I could run in the rain, get wet, play football in the mud, or just stand by the window and feel it.

For the last few days, while it is raining heavily here, I really like it. I love the cold feeling, want to go to my roof top and bathe in the rain, though I restrained myself from doing so since I am suffering from cold already!!! Anyhow, as a person grows up, as the environment changes, as the situation changes, a person's likings also changes.

I don't know why I am posting it now. I found this blog in my draft. Probably it is there since last year. I always thought of improving it, but I never found words to make it better.

I just thought of sharing this unfinished/might-be-finished blog. Happy days people.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Two songs

Roadies final episodes have presented me with two really sweet and touchy songs. I wish to share those with you.
The first one is the Sawan Beeta Jaaye.

Here is the youtube link for the song. I had to search it all over the internet, till I found out the name of the artist – Nandini Srikar. This song is from her album Beete Pal. In case you want to hear the songs from the album, here is the link.

The second song is the Silsila.

Here is the youtube link for the song. I was guessing that it must have been Agnee’s performance, however, was not quite sure of it. Here are the lyrics of the song.

Jo Silsila Tha Tera Mera Woh Silsila Kahaan
Tha Khwab Ka Har Ik Sira Tere Khwab Se Judaa
Choote Bhi Agar Saahil Tere Saath Ka
Ya Bichdein Galiyaan
Yaadon Se Teri Paakar Phir Ek Haunsla
Choo Lenge Naya Koi Aasmaan
Phir Bhi Wahaan
Jo Silsila Tha Tera Mera Woh Silsila Kahaan

I hope every one of you will enjoy the songs. Have a nice time ahead! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mayabono biharini horini

This is the translation of another Rabindranath Tagore song. Well, I have just copied this translation from someother blog, and I will not steal the credit. So, here goes the link of the original blog.

The original bengali lyrics is in italics, while the translated lyrics is in blue.
You can listen to the original song from a very old bengali movie, Lukochuri (Hide & Seek).
It was yet again used in another recent movie Bedroom, however in a rock version. Even though I liked the old version, I will let you decide which one you liked more!

Maya bono biharini horini
Gohono sopono soncharini -
Keno tare dhoribare kori pon?

    Wondering doe of the enchanted forest
    Who roams withinin deepest (of my) dreams -
    Why do I want to capture her?
    Is there a reason?

Thak thak nijo mone dure te.
Ami shudhu banshuriro sure te -
Porosho koribo or prano-mon,

    Let her be by herself afar.
    I'll only through the melody of my flute -
    Touch her life and soul,
    For no reason.

Chomokibe phagunero pobonePoshibe akash bani shrobone.
Chitto akul hobe anukhon,

    (She) will startle in the spring wind
    Will surrender as the heavens speak.
    Will grow restless now and then,
    For no reason.

Dur hote ami tare saadhibo
Gopone biroho dore bandhibo
Bandhono bihono sei - je badhon,

    I will yearn her from afar,
    I will secretly tie her with the rope of separation,
    The tie which is without a tie.
    For no reason.

Thanks for going through the post. I will be back soon with lots of other things!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Je Raate Mor Duarguli Bhanglo Jhore

There was one night in my life. It was a shocking night, some revelation night. That night, I was unable to sleep. I can't really explain to anyone, how was the feelings! However, the song that gave me support that whole night was this one.

I never understood that this song has so much power within itself, it has so much to say.

I want to share the song with you all. This is the clippings of the movie "Meghe Dhaka Tara". Another version of the song is also shared. Listen to both, and enjoy the one you like more.

It is written by Rabindranath Tagore. The lyrics goes like this. I have mentioned the meaning of the lyrics in English for all.

Je raate mor duar guli bhanglo jhor-e,
Jani nai to tumi ele, amar ghor-e, 
Je raate mor duar guli bhanglo jhor-e...

The night the storm broke my doors,
I did not know you'd come in...

Sab je hoye gelo kaalo,
Nibhe gelo deep-er aalo,
aakash paane haath baralem kaharo tore,
Jani nai to tumi ele amar ghor-e,
Je raate mor...

Everything went black,
The lamp went out,
For whom did I reach out on high?
I did not know you'd come in...
The night...

Andhokar-e roinu pore swapono mani,
Jhor je tomar joyo-dhwoja, tai ki jani,
Sokal bela cheye dekhi,
Dariye aachho tumi eki,
Ghor bhora mor sunyota-r i buker opore,
Jani nai to tumi ele amar ghor-e,
Je raate mor...

In darkness I lay dreaming,
How could I know that the storm was the pennant of your triumph,
Only in the morning did I see,
There you were, standing,
There where emptiness filled my room, 
I did not know you'd come in...
The night...

The lines that " How would I know that the storm was the pennant of your triumph" ... It really brings tears to my eyes. Even now when I am writing this, and listening to the song, I can't really control myself.