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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Rainy Season: II

Continued from my last post...

However, as I continue to grow up, and start studying in college, my feelings towards rain started changing. I eventually started loving the showers. Perhaps, the lack of Do's and Donot's during the shower made me like it. There was no one to stop me from doing anything, I could run in the rain, get wet, play football in the mud, or just stand by the window and feel it.

For the last few days, while it is raining heavily here, I really like it. I love the cold feeling, want to go to my roof top and bathe in the rain, though I restrained myself from doing so since I am suffering from cold already!!! Anyhow, as a person grows up, as the environment changes, as the situation changes, a person's likings also changes.

I don't know why I am posting it now. I found this blog in my draft. Probably it is there since last year. I always thought of improving it, but I never found words to make it better.

I just thought of sharing this unfinished/might-be-finished blog. Happy days people.

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