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Monday, June 10, 2013

Mayabono biharini horini

This is the translation of another Rabindranath Tagore song. Well, I have just copied this translation from someother blog, and I will not steal the credit. So, here goes the link of the original blog.

The original bengali lyrics is in italics, while the translated lyrics is in blue.
You can listen to the original song from a very old bengali movie, Lukochuri (Hide & Seek).
It was yet again used in another recent movie Bedroom, however in a rock version. Even though I liked the old version, I will let you decide which one you liked more!

Maya bono biharini horini
Gohono sopono soncharini -
Keno tare dhoribare kori pon?

    Wondering doe of the enchanted forest
    Who roams withinin deepest (of my) dreams -
    Why do I want to capture her?
    Is there a reason?

Thak thak nijo mone dure te.
Ami shudhu banshuriro sure te -
Porosho koribo or prano-mon,

    Let her be by herself afar.
    I'll only through the melody of my flute -
    Touch her life and soul,
    For no reason.

Chomokibe phagunero pobonePoshibe akash bani shrobone.
Chitto akul hobe anukhon,

    (She) will startle in the spring wind
    Will surrender as the heavens speak.
    Will grow restless now and then,
    For no reason.

Dur hote ami tare saadhibo
Gopone biroho dore bandhibo
Bandhono bihono sei - je badhon,

    I will yearn her from afar,
    I will secretly tie her with the rope of separation,
    The tie which is without a tie.
    For no reason.

Thanks for going through the post. I will be back soon with lots of other things!

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