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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lie detector

I was discussing with one of my dear friend... Would it be better if you have a sixth sense, so that you understand the person standing next to you is lying or not??
According to my Gujrati friend, he told that it would be better to do business, you will be safer while you are in middle of some business transactions, or similar things... (Gujrati Baniya :P)
However, I was in a mood to think about its significance in a normal life. What I felt is that it's better not to have such powers. But then comes the big question, WHY??? I try to answer that below.

Let me be honest this time, I lie a lot of time, whether the lie is required or not. Sometimes, I feel that if I lie, then it will give the other person a better impression about me, or the other person will not have have any problem with my style of living. Anyhow, I know, in the similar way, we also have to face lies from our nearer and dearer ones. Sometimes, they want us to be happy, or sometimes, they want to hide from us some information, and sometimes it may be a lie just for the sake of lie. But, we just buy it, and live with it. But, when I am the "proud" owner of the special power, I will be able to catch the lie red-handedly, and I can ask back questions regarding it. It might put some (or many) scratches on the relationship, which would be going fine otherwise.

Sometimes, your fiancee may lie to you so that you don't get hurt about some things. I am being practical, and not enclosing myself in the "fairy-tale-love-story". Then, if she has done it without any bad intention, then it is fine. But, in case you have that power, you are able to identify that, and, then you will start thinking so many things, "why did she lie to me", "how could she lie to me", and lots of other questions. You will start thinking about her loyalty towards you, and then you never know, that may be the start of the end of your relationship!!!

Well, this is just one sided thought, anyhow, I would like to get some comments about the other side of the story.

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