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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Break Up

Oops!!! Break ups are happening everywhere. No matter in which direction I see, I can see people breaking relationships!!! Why?

Yesterday, I witnessed the Break Up of my elder sister. They were in a MacD, Bhatar Road, Surat and I was there too (Luck by Chance). And, I saw my Didi and her Boyfriend there. It was in the Valentine Multiplex, and I was happy to see a Valentine couple sitting there. I was just chuckling myself about the Valentine in the Valentine Multiplex, and guessing the total number of such cases, suddenly, I heard the loud voice of my Didi.

Fortunately, my Didi did not see me, however, it looked as if there is some issues. Every other table stared at the particular table. (You cannot ask why other people don't mind their own business!!! Come on, people enjoy stuffs, in which they are not involved). And, I was also trying to understand the issue.

The issue was very clear. The boy wanted to take my Didi to some movie yesterday, and that was pre-fixed. However, my Didi's office was suddenly visited by the Head-Office stuffs, about how the work was going on, and so, my Didi was unable to attend. Since my Didi was unable to attend, her Boy Friend, took another girl (another girl friend???) with him to the movie. And, this was reported to my Didi by some of theis common friend. And the boyfriend, at first denied of going to the movie, and then told that he took his sister there (why did you deny first, my dear could-be-in-law?)...

Anyhow, trust, and distrust, blame game kept on going for some time, and then the outburst by my Didi, and then, they left!!! See, there is a good thing in the MacD, that you have to pay before you it. Otherwise, it could be a problem to share the bill after the break-up under AC.

Perhaps, I should not be such comical. Sorry!!!
And, Sorry for my Didi too... She was really very down yesterday, and she told me many things about her life yesterday night, while I told her that I was there. Perhaps, every time, you are down, you need a friend with whom you can share all your griefs. I just tried to be that friend yesterday for my sister. After all, I have this Blogosphere. But, my Didi has only me, and now she does not have her boyfriend even!!!

I don't know what to wish for my Didi, so, just wishing her Best of Luck!!!

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