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Friday, November 4, 2011


Well, what is a blog? It is some sort of personal diary, some sort of space where  you can pen down or key down your own ideas, your feelings. How does it differ from the general paper diary? One basic difference in these two are that personal diary is generally kept personal, to be viewed by close friends only. On the other hand the blog is a open book, left to be checked globally.

The advantage of a blog is that it is anonymous, and you can get others opinion without letting them know who the person(author)is!!! And you can actually discuss what you really feel, actually you can show your frustrations, anger, and drain out them...

For others, it is a global platform to get appreciations globally for your nice creations, artistic abilities, literary pieces, ideas.

Whatever it is, I really love the concept, and I keep on scribbling on my useless blog, just to be read by me!!!

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