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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Old Love

Why the hell do I miss her so much!!! At this time, when my exams are nearly over, and I am planning to enjoy my time before I start studying for the last paper, why do I cry?? Why do I still dream that my girlfriend is remembering me!!! Why do I waste my tears on her??? Why do I dedicate songs to her??? WHY???WHY???WHY???

Today morning I was searching her on google, as I do regularly. Suddenly, I found her sister, and I again tried to get as much info about her as possible. I don't know, what I am actually trying to do, what I actually want. But, I know that I will try to send her friend request, connect to her, and try to get as much information as possible from her about her sister.

Love is not in the air, however, I keep on searching it everywhere. Tears are not automatically set, however, I occasionally see my cheeks to be wet!!! I love you still now, and I fear even now. So, HARD LUCK!!!


  1. Sometimes Old Love is the hardest to let go. Things lost and things we can't have hold more meaning sometimes. Of our youth, of who we were, of our dreams and desires. Specially if we have not reached our dreams yet. I am having trouble with losing my youth. I am an intelligent person I KNOW there is no going back. BUT.... I have so many regrets, so many what ifs??? I had so many plans. And now here I am 50 and if I die tomorrow, the world will not know I was here. Of course my family will know and I guess in the story of my life I have left my foot print on their hearts and souls.

  2. The dreams that aren't reached haunt us much more than the happiness of the fulfilled dreams. I'm not sure whether I would be so happy if she would be with me, as now I am, so much sad. This is the paradox of human life!!! Anyhow, frustrations now and then, when I hear that gf's of my friends are going to get married, I too think that she will be getting married soon, very soon. I can do nothing, because, perhaps she loves the guy, and NOT ME... Anyhow, life rocks, and will keep on rocking even after this...