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Monday, January 24, 2011

Honesty; Am I living in a fool's paradise???

Today I understood that the film Rang de Basanti was a total flop. People had learnt no lesson from it. About the film, all the things they liked were the songs in the first half, but they never learnt about your principle and honesty. When I was playing cricket, I learnt this. People cheat, and keep on cheating. They keep on increasing runs, call for no balls when they are out, and keep on all sorts of cheating strategies. When I asked them to maintain honesty in the game, they simply reasoned that while the great people are all doing scams of crores of rupees, then it’s the right of the normal people to cheat.

So, there is a simple chain going on. Someone cheat, and so, you cheat, and as a result, the person who watches your action cheats and when someone tries to stop them, he is pressurised. I don’t know whether I am fit for the society, I am like this. I cannot do anything. The main thing about the Rang de basanti was that before you want to change the whole country, you have to change yourself. Now, the situation is like that no one wants to change himself.

I am not able to find any possible solution for this situation. In the corporate world, you have to learn how to cheat. When you know that the brand you are working for is cheating, and you try to stop them, you are suspended. When you are in the public service, and you see that all your department mates are taking bribes, you have the only option to keep quiet. Otherwise, you may have to face a huge problem. Even in academics, there is politics. I have seen teachers of great repute to indulge in such activities. For example, take the subject economics. Teachers who are good in Microeconomics are often compelled to teach Indian History, or Indian planning process, because, once a good teacher gets the subject of choice, he will start teaching well, and he would be more popular among students; he would get more respect. So, the strategy of the Head of the Departments (not all college, but maximum of them has the same trend) remains to give the boring subjects in the hand of new, or good teacher.

I agree that I am fit for this world, but how can I change myself. I cannot cheat myself. At least as of now, I don’t cheat myself. I really want this world to be a nice place to live in. But, I am afraid that my dream of an honest world will remain as a dream. My cricket-mates, who are still not in the job market, they cheat in the system where they can cheat. What will happen when they enter the job market, and they keep their bad habit running there too? What will happen after 15 years? Will the world still remain a nice place to live?

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  1. In your thematic discussion the strings of cord you touched is really a matter of concern.
    And the way you found, how from the childhood we become so easy with corruption is really the hard truth.
    It's my pleasure to come through your article.
    Yes we all says we need change, but no one is ready to take step. Brother like us mentality people who are really thinking to do something for the society, should unite now to come together.
    Looking forward for your support brother.