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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog: Dreams and Reality

I loved to read blogs. It has been my habit to read blogs ever since I was in class 11. I found it a good discussion ground, and i used to comment on many blogs which i read. They also used to reply, and i found it very interesting. As a result, i started using my own blogs.

But, the reality is what i found to be is that Reputation has a lot to do with the well managed blogs. If you want others to visit your blogs too often, then  at first you have to build your reputation...and that reputation can only be built once you keep on publishing good materials.

So, to make my blog a famous one is one o my dream, and to make my dream invincible;
Lesson 1: Start a habit of regular blogging;
Lesson 2: The content of your blog should be good and interesting, and thought provocative;

With Regards.

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