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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Please all, and you will please none

Today, life has taught me a new lesson. No, the lesson is not old, but, however, even if you know the lesson, you cannot always apply it in your life. So, it's all about application of the lesson in practical life.

Everyone must have read the story about "The Man the Boy and the Donkey" from Aesop fables. The final lesson was very simple as that you cannot please everyone, and it's better that stop trying to please everyone.

I sometimes start living my life as other people expect me to live. In some sense, it is normal, since we are social animal, we are in some society, and bounded by its norms. At times, we find it very pleasant when we are being praised by others, despite of the amount of sacrifice we had to undergo to reach the situation.

However, this cannot be the sole idealism to live your life. You cannot live your whole life constrained by other people's expectation, the reason being that other people's expectation is just based on their views on your life, on you. Most of the times, their view on you is narrowed by their view on their own life, and, sometimes that is inaccurate. There may be complete difference in values, and views.

Whose expectations are you living up to? Who are you trying to please? What would you do if you had a blank slate, a fresh start, and unconditional encouragement from your loved ones?

Why should we live up to others expectation! Why should we sacrifice what we want in order to please others! After all, it is not possible to keep on sacrificing till the end. And the day, you follow what your heart says, they stop praising you. They start complaining against you.

I have seen a personal example. One of my friends doesn’t really care about what other people think of him, what other people expect from him. Others keep on telling that well, we don’t understand him, he is a bit different. And I don’t really like to party always, keep on enjoying in general ways with other friends, but, I do so, because, I want to be with everyone, I want that no one tells that I am a snob. However, it is not always possible for me to follow my friends all the time. And, at that time people start complaining that I’m not liable to be a friend. So, why should I try to please them in the first stage!
I am sorry to overload every one of you with my problem, but, after all, what are blogs for!!! Thanks Blogosphere…

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