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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Happiness vs Sorrow

Do you know what is happiness, and what's sadness? Can you really define these easily? Or have you ever noticed the tinge of tears in your laughter, or the vice-versa - the happiness while you are crying? How about sharing all your wounds and pains with someone? Do you feel better? How about not having that someone in your life ever - because you are always acting too strong to make a mistake, because people look towards you as the epitome of strength, as the epitome of righteousness!

I have always been someone who can give good advice to people, not only good but also the correct advice to people. And, I also know what I should do in my life. Just that, I could never gather enough courage on that. And, somehow during some moments of madness, I did that... and it feels good.

They say that you can love only once in your life, and that's true.The thirteen years that have passed, yes we could have celebrated our thirteenth anniversary this year had things gone in the right way, yet I still have that similar connection to her even after these thirteen years. We are not in touch anymore, we haven't spoken over three years now, and it does not matter. All that matters is that I can think of her freely, without having any guilt conscious, and that's happiness.

I feel jealous of people who has a school time love story to share, who have a school time love story's success story to share - you know why? Because, I too have a school time love story, and it was much more awesome than anyone else's. Yet, I could share it none of my friends or colleagues. And, that's sadness.

Well, enough of meaningless talks. I know these make sense, just that again I am not able to open my heart out here. I do have my diary for that though. And, may be someday I will share the stories here as well. You will have a lot of stuff to judge me against, but, who cares! At last I have the freedom to dream about my loved ones.

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