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Monday, November 13, 2017

The Invincible Dream

I have a new type of feeling... Not exactly a new feeling, but I'm experiencing that after a long long time. And I'm in the same crossroad as I was a nearly a decade ago. The question was same, the characters were same, the situation was almost similar. Well, I say the word almost, because certainly there's a difference between being in a relationship and being engaged.

How much difference does it make in the bigger sense of things? Do I still regret my action last time? I'm not sure. I always believe that had life given us second chance, we would have lived life exactly the same way we are living now, because we always take the best decision based upon the available information. I know that now, because I'm taking absolutely the same decision I took at that time. Why I took that decision - because I was afraid. I was afraid that I might not be able to make her happy, and when I think about that again - I think the fear has been enhanced.

But, I dream that someday some miracle may take place, or some coincidence.
Please don't ask me to leave that dream. It's the dream that keeps me moving.
It's the invincible dream!!!

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